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PostSubject: jail break   jail break I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2012 8:33 pm

re you pondering on whether you should Jailbreak Your iPod Touch? Wondering what jailbreaking is and how you can carry it out? Well then look no further than this article to tell you what you need to know!

You must be wondering what the big deal is all about when people talk about jailbreaking the iPod Touch. Well let me tell you, it is a big deal! If you want to get the most out of your iPod Touch, putting it through the jailbreaking process is definitely the way to go.

So Tell Me, What Is Jailbreaking Actually?

If this is your question, then let me explain it to you in simple terms. Think of your iPod Touch as a device that is capable of many things. However, Apple, being the creator of this device, has limited the capabilities of the iPod Touch and forced it to only run Apple-approved apps (your iPod is in a “jail”). When you jailbreak your iPod Touch, it can now escape and do everything that it is capable of. So that’s what jailbreaking is. It’s the process of unlocking the device’s capabilities to run apps and software that are not Apple-approved, yet maintaining all original functions.

Why Should I Jailbreak My iPod Touch?

Why? The easier question to answer will probably be why not! Jailbreaking the iPod Touch makes it much more useful than Apple allows it to be, and the person that gains is you. Among the things you can do once you jailbreak your iPod is:

Change themes, settings and customize pretty much anything on your iPod. That means no more staring at the boring standard wallpaper and being tied down to the standard way of customizing your iPod.
Play games from 3rd party developers, and most of these are free.
Download and save anything from the web using Safari Download Manager
Download YouTube videos and save it directly on your device.
These are just some of the perks of jailbreaking your iPod Touch. It pretty much lets your iPod Touch do anything that you could want it to!

Is There A Downside? It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Well jailbreaking your iPod Touch does mean that it voids the warranty with Apple. However, if you do need to send your device to Apple for repairs under warranty, you can always restore the device back to standard form (the original form before jailbreaking) easily via iTunes. This way your warranty is restored and Apple won’t know a thing.

If you worry about the battery draining quickly after jailbreaking your device, you’ll be happy to know that very few apps actually do this to your device, while the rest usually drain no more than 5-10% (based on user’s experiences). If you think about it, you really have nothing to lose.

I’m Convinced. So How Do I Jailbreak My Device?

The easiest way to jailbreak an iPod Touch is to use a software program. Depending on the firmware version of your iPod Touch, you may have to use tethered or untethered jailbreak methods to jailbreak your device.

Note: Tethered jailbreak means you have to connect the device to a computer and jailbreak it manually every time you switch it on after switching it off or if it turns off due to the battery being drained completely. Untethered jailbreak means you only have to plug it into your computer once, jailbreak the device and afterwards you use it as per normal use, without having to plug it in and jailbreak again if it switches off.

If you have installed the firmware 4.3.3 for your iPod Touch through iTunes, you can jailbreak your device using the untethered method using RedsnOw (a software program). Here are the steps:

1) Download and update the firmware of your device to 4.3.3 using iTunes.

2) Download and install the software. Start the program and point it to the location of the firmware update (iOS 4.3.3) file on your computer.

3) Now select “Install Cydia” then click on “Next”.

4) Now make sure your device is switched off and plugged in to the computer. Only then click on “Next”. Do listen to this piece of instruction for the sake of your device.

5) You will now see a screen stating how to enter DFU mode on your device. The instructions are given clearly in the correct order on the screen. Follow them.

6) Now let the software work its magic and when it’s done, your device will restart automatically. You now have a jailbroken device!

There are numerous other software programs available to help you jailbreak your device. However, you have to be wary as there are many fake software out there as well. There are many developers claiming to let you download the software for example, but in the end ruin your device instead. That’s why it’s always best to get yourself a software program that is guaranteed to work and has step by step instructions to help you.

Using A Trustworthy Software Program To Jailbreak Your iPod Touch Securely

Let me recommend to you a software program that I have used myself to jailbreak my iPod Touch. This software program comes at a small price, however it’s completely reliable and can be used to jailbreak multiple devices so if you have an iPhone or iPad besides your iPod you can jailbreak those too. The developers provide very clear illustrated instructions on jailbreaking your device, and the process lasts no more than 5 minutes. Easy as cake! You should definitely give it a try if you are serious about securely jailbreaking your iPod Touch.

Why not take a look at this excellent software program: Jailbreak iPod Touch Software

Simply put, jailbreaking your iPod Touch is definitely a worthwhile process, as it comes with many perks that you won’t get with the standard device. However, it is necessary to trust the right software program to do the job for you or you will be very disappointed.

Turn your iPod Touch into a mini-computer and unleash its full potential! Visit: How To Jailbreak iPod Touch
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jail break
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